I Quit.

I’m quitting my job to write a young adult novel.

Why can’t you just write on the nights and weekends and keep your day job? You ask.
(You and my husband ask.)
Because I’m not a good multi-tasker.
Because, as long as I have a day job, the only motivation I have to write is intrinsic.
Intrinsic, children, is an adjective meaning:
1) very weak; too weak to overcome the temptations of Netflix.

So, I’m quitting.
And I’m going to write a book.
No, Mom, write a book isn’t code for have a baby.
Yeah, I know I will be thirty in less than a year.
I guess it’s a good thing you had me when you were twenty=two years old,
I guess it’s a good thing you had me when you were nine years old,
So you’re still young.

All y’all quit looking at me like that.
Yeah, I know I’m lucky that my husband is a hard-working, supportive sort.
But, I teach middle school English (until May, at least).
At a private school.
At a private, religious school.
So yeah, we are gonna lose a little income.
But if we just cut out a few lunches a month, that’ll probably cover it.
And our New Year’s diet is not going well, so really, I’m doing this for our health.

Yeah, I know it takes a bit of ego to think I’ll write something other people will want to read.
And yeah, I know it takes a bit of delusion to believe I’ll be able to earn a living at writing.
But I’m a millennial.
And we millennials were raised to believe we’re special snowflakes,
Entitled to fulfill our dreams.
So blame my parents.
(We millennials were also raised to attribute our faults to others.)

It’s not that I don’t like teaching.
It is a practical job.
(This was appealing to me back when I was young and republican.)
And it has been fun, at times.
Like that time I asked for an example of a prepositional phrase,
And a twelve-year-old boy answered, “Be-low me.”
At least I used my college degree for a few years – that’s something, right?
Granted, not enough years to earn back what I paid for it…
But I like to think that I’ve just been doing market research.

Long story short: I’m quitting my job to write a young adult novel.
And I’m only a little insecure about the wisdom of this decision.